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Forced retirement...

2010-12-11 02:04:05 by HibiscusKazeneko

Hi Newgrounds,
This may very well be my last post. As Tom recently announced, there's a crackdown underway on Flash made from copyrighted material. As you all know, EVERYTHING I have ever submitted has something commercial in it, so I'm fucked all over, especially considering I had something potentially awesome I wanted to make and showcase. I have a very poor creative complex, so I am unable to make any new Flash under the new regime. I know it may sound like an elaborate form of trolling, but I have official confirmation that this is legit. It's wrong, it's abusive, but it's real. I didn't see it coming; Newgrounds was one of my last few bastions of hope, but now that's all gone. So I have no choice but to leave Newgrounds. Forever.



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2010-12-11 02:29:04

What? No, maybe we can get a few people together and we could collab. Just because there's a crackdown on copyrighted material doesn't mean you have to leave forever.


2010-12-11 02:43:59



2010-12-19 23:15:24

good fucking riddance.


2010-12-21 21:09:23

I think Tom's post was about easing out of using copyrighted music. If you've been doing it up to this point then it is what it is. Just aim to grow above it from here on out. I have alot of shit in my past career that had commercial music in it. Now i know that i have to seriously quit that shit and i have. So now ill just be sure to use the AP etc for resources.


2010-12-31 18:37:14

Awww damn. I really enjoyed your work. Especially Phoenix Wrong 2.


2011-02-09 15:12:58

But but, but no, pls you're one of the only people out there who can make us get a smile on our face. PLS DON'T LEAVE US IN THE DARK T_T ........... pretty pls? with sugar on top? :P


2011-05-22 03:40:37

You do good graphics. You can work for me! I have fresh and original ideas for gameplay and plot points, and with me or no you could still find a lot of stuff from the Audio Portal. Cut this shit out and make Flashes (and love) with me!


2011-05-27 20:57:15

No, no, don't be silly. This is Newgrounds. Just shift away from the Copyright music, as Luis says.

People like you and Wikigrounds misses you!

I would love to see an advert for Wikigrounds from you.

Also, maybe we might collaborate sometime- I want another trophy.